Hi, I'm Nini and this is the tumblr where I try to convey daily inspiration for the beauty loving soul. I'm inspired by the ancient Greek ideal of "ARTE" and their ideas about beauty, wisdom and love. (More about the philosophy of this place here...)

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Abstract #34. - Andrey Bogoslowsky

Find the Insomniac Dreamer

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Zena Ve Svetle (Women in Light) by František Drtikol


Zena Ve Svetle (Women in Light) by František Drtikol


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Aurora Meets Volcano (Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland) by James Appleton.

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Sketches of Nikolai Gogol, Count Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy, and other Russian artists by poet Alexander Pushkin. (via)

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Yoga by CoolbieRe on Flickr.

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Avatar REDUX: MEDUSA 2014

Many of you know my Avatar for a long while - it was actually taken about 10 years ago. Time, to give it a new go and create an up to date version, of it, right? 

Here it is: Hope you like it!

rust would pick up a fight with the sky if he didn’t like it’s shade of blue.

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Day 78